charged after cancellation of NOS mobile contract

Am charged after I have cancelled the Nos mobile contract. WhY?????? Am highly disappointed in NOs service. I visited couple of times, September last year to NOS store to cancel the contract. As I was travelling out of the country on an emergency basis. I made sure, that I gave NOS one month advance notice to cancel the contract. The guy at the store said, since I complete one year, the contract gets cancelled automatically and he just cancelled my direct debit.

I got couple of emails on my travel in January regarding some charge. By now it appears 150 euros.

I just arrived yesterday back to Lisbon, the first thing I did was to visit the store, the guy said he will raise a ticket and i will get a call in the evening. Which I di, some guy from the payments team, heard my entire story and said the only solution is I pay the balance. Sorry, but am not paying any money because it's not.my mistake. It's NOS BIG ERROR. I was rest assured my contract is cancelled. After which I never used my sim. For now readon you guys want me to pay 150 euros.

I need someones help with some brain who can help me. I am done with going to the store. Please please contact me as soon as possible. 

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Hello, @Usha Chavhan. Welcome to the NOS Forum. 😊

We're sorry for the situation you describe. Please, allow us to help you.
We'll work to resolve this situation immediately. Just send us a private message to the @Fórum  profile with your NOS costumer number and NIF, please.

Best regards