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  • 4 September 2023
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I am a user of Movel Internet. I left Portugal permanently, so I wanted to cancel the contract. The first trial was already last December that I visited ‘loja NOS’, but they said my contract is not individual contract (by introducing NOS sales person from my flat agency when I moved in Portugal, I got empressa contract.), so I can’t cancel the contract and then soon I had to move out Portugal. 

The second trial was when I visited shortly Portugal in May. I tried to call to service center. That experience was worse. My Portuguese is not good enough to communicate this issue, so they tossed my call to someone who can speak English and who manages the empressa contract. I think I switched the calls, person to person at least 6 times, and finally they cannot solved the problem and said to call me back within 2-5 days. However, the promised date for the call was not possible to reach me, since I was already out of Portugal. 

The third trial was I just sent a letter with all documents to cancel the contract to the headquarter of NOS in Lisbon (because the address of NOS that I could get is that address from my initial contract.) This time, the letter was rejected by receiver and came back to my German address. 

Now I am visiting Portugal for my own business shortly and tried to call to the service center again. As before, the answer was there’s no suitable person to handle the issue now, so call again tomorrow. 

I just sent the letter again to Lisbon NOS communicacoes. I have strong doubt that they will even read it and process it though.

As a result, for the last 9 months, NOS were taking my money by Direct Debit from my bank account. 

I am very disappointed NOS’s this kind of behaviour and I feel like I am somehow cheated by NOS. 

Also I cannot find any webpage that I can cancel the contract in online. I think it is not so difficult to build up online cancellation system in case of that “autentificao.gov” system exists .

Probably this writing will be useless and I do not expect there will be any positive answer.

But if there’s someone who wants to improve NOS service in the company and for other customers’ better experiences, I wrote this long story here.

Now I will go back to my home country and have no chance to communicate NOS anymore by phone call. So what should I do?

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Hello @Sooyeon Yoon,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We’re sorry to ear about this situation.

Please send us a private message to the @Fórum profile with you NOS Costumer Number or taxpayer number associated with the contract.

Thank you