Want to discontinue my internet

I want to discontinue my internet service but due to lack of English guide in the customer care number and the customer care people, i am in a trap by calling them one after another. I have already called 5 times and every time they tell me that they are going to redirect me to the right department and then the call get disconnect. From December 1st, 2022 I will be out of Portugal. Please cancel my service. it seems like I am in trap with the NOS service.

Please discontinue my service from 1st December, 2022


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Good evening,
 so that the Forum moderators can help you, you must send your customer number by private message to the @Fórum  profile and wait to be contacted.

Here is my NIF number *********

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Aqui está o meu número NIF 3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                                                                    Your NIF must be sent by private message.
To send a private message click here >@Fórum  or click here carregue aqui.


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Thank you for your message @MEHMOOD HASAN. @Jose Rodrigues gave a good help clarifying your question.

We’ve replied to your private question.

Thank you