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Dear Sir/mam,

I bought wifi router before 11 months i given my all the details but after some time I have seen my tax number not right so I visited your service center in Tavira, they check and solved. But after december i don't get invoice in my email or sms so before payment last date i can not pay my invoice due to some issues with electronic invoice so please help me , also I'm using NOC client application but there is until December invoice. My contact number is 9xxxx and old one is 9xxxx(Out Of Service).


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Welcome to Fórum NOS, @Kuldeep.

To help you, please send us a private message with your customer number.

My Fiscal Number Is xxxxxxx

Registered Mobile 9xxxxxxx (Out Of Service)

Email xxxxxxx

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Hello @Kuldeep

We ask that you send us your data by private message. Only in this way can you save them :sweat: .

To send us a private message, just press the name of the moderator and then choose the option "send private message". 

Thank you