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I have a request please. I had a natal package for my mobile phone for several years, it was 500 MB internet and I had to charge my phone 3.14 euro every month. I did not want to change this package, but when I was checking the tariffs on my mobile trough *111#, I have received a message that the other tariff was selected which is pre like, 15 euros. I wanted to have my previous internet package and do not want to use or activate pre like package. Please let me know what should I do.


Thank you in advance.


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Hello @Bahareh Tavallaee ☺️

Did you not activate this prepaid tariff like on any call or SMS?  but to get back to the tariff only with the help of the forum team to see your situation, why it happened and eventually return with the same conditions.

Good luck

Thank you for your reply. As I mentioned before I was just checking the tariffs through the code that we can use in mobile.  *111# 

I did not select any of them. It happened accidentally.

Today I called 931699000 and explained to them about the problem that I only wanted to check the tariffs, but this happened. The person on the phone told me that she could not give back my previous package Natal 15 and she asked me if I want other plans which I didn't.

Long story short, now I am on livre base without any package and so far I've been charged 15 euro for that package plus 6 euro for changing that package to livre.


And I think it was not fair! 

I've lost my package, and I have been charged 23 euro so far!

It should not be like that.



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