Didn't get the tickets after payment.

I paid for tickets on Barbie today by debit card and I saw an error on website, but bank charged money. Can I return my money back?


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Good night @Kristina Popova,

Did you receive any email or sms of confirmation?

Thank you

Hello Jorge,

I haven’t received any email or sms. The only confirmations I have are screenshots of transactions from my bank app. I have two transactions: after first I’ve got an error on website, after second tickets were bought successfully. 




Good afternoon @Kristina Popova,

According the TOS of Cinemas NOS here.

“The invoice and purchased tickets are sent via the email address previously defined by the customer and via SMS to the respective mobile phone number confirming the purchase.”

Like you did not receive any the transaction was not made. Please check your bank balance.

Thank you



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@Jorge C was a good help, @Kristina Popova .
Buying tickets online ends with the sending of a transaction confirmation email.

As you did not receive the confirmation email, it is possible that the transaction was not completed. In this case, the amount paid will be refunded to your account automatically by the account.
Best Regards, 

Hello guys,

The money hasn't returned yet, but it usually takes 15 days. If 15 days after nothing changes I’ll write here.

Thank you.

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Please, if you don't receive it, yes, talk to us so we can help, @Kristina Popova
Best Regards,