Boa tarde , 

I would like to make a complaint about misinforming me via customer service, which according to the politics of the company is going to cost me one extra month to pay, what I would like to avoid. I can't find an email contact for complaints.

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There is no emails. Support is threw 16990. There is also @Fórum  if you want to describe to them the situation.

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Hi @Wioleta Stankiewicz,

We’re sorry to hear that.

As @Guimas suggested, please send us a message to @Fórum profile with you client number and the detailed situation. We’ll help you as soon as we can.

Thank you



Bom dia,

I would like to complain about the nos maintenance service. On Tuesday the maintenance service guy came to join the router, well he did a good job joining the internet but he cut off the nowo internet of another family, i need compensation for that or the maintenance guy to come back to fix the net. Thank u 

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Hello @Rohit kumar Shrestha

Send us a message to @Fórum profile with you client number and the detailed situation. We’ll help you as soon as we can.

Best Regards

why is internet this much Slow,,  

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Hello @amrit gurung,

Thank you for your message.

Please tells us in a more detailed way what is you’re experiencing. 

Thank you

Baljit singh

Hello sir or madem.i m very upset for by nos i buy the iphone 13 pro in feb 2022. 5.7 month is work good bettery  health is 93 and in dec 2022 bettery health is go down 88 .i send to be nos center in gurenty they  send me messege play 59.43 euro for bettery .why i pay is money.the phone is not be comlet one year.


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Hello @Baljitsingh44,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Battery wear on mobile devices is not contemplated in the warranty coverage of sold products. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions. We’re always available to help. 

Thank you


I have two disputed internet bills where i received  and have been trying to resolve them from last months, every time i call, the call is forwarded to another dept but no one receive the call from there and keeping me waiting for long time  (half an hour, one hours). i called even today 3 times  but just keeping me waiting, so i had to disconnect in a stage like other days,  it seems it is no one responsibility!!!

Around 2 months before, someone called me introducing Anne Silva from 800100040 and told me that she will reduce the price of the internet as i complained the price has been increased without any notification (from March 2023), which is breach of contract but she sent a new contract as well as she told me to call to 800100040 and ask her in case of any need, and i did it more than 10 times and every single time she  replies to her colleague that she is busy, she will call me to my registered number, but no calls back at all till now.

i made 3 different contract with NOS based on the trust of the officers who came to make the contract with NOS in my store !!!

the internet bill increased from 30,99 to 33.91 from March 2023, and now last two months more than 100 euros, excessive bills without any new contracts and prior notifications, and now no one receives calls neither reply emails!! just sending notifications of Faturas !!!

i feel very upset with such ignorance and unexpected customer service as well as breach of contract about the price increment without prior notification and modification of the contracts !!!

if no solution, i guess  i have no way but to proceed with red book complaints, legal  assistance and sharing my situations on all social networks,






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Thank you for reaching out to us. We’ll assist you on this matter.

Your email address was redacted from your comment to protect you personal information.

Please send us a private message to the @Fórum profile with your NOS Costumer Number.

Thank you

I have purchased a house in Algarve and want to discuss the NOS options for TV and internet. Its in the country so may need satellite.  I managed to speak once with someone but they said they would arrange a call back - nothing.  I called into a shop last week while i was in portugal and asked for a call back - nothing.  I just tried +351 931699 000 but there is nothing in english and i dont know what options to press so the call hangs up.  Theres a widget on website for new customers - i selected my uk code +44 but it wont allow a full mobile number to be entered - its one digit short.  Theres no chat, no english help line, no email option. Im not telepathic so how does a foreigner contact NOS?

my name is anthony tabor.  I managed to register with my email and surprisingly it accepted my full mobile number so plase can someone form customer service who speaks english, contact me?

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Hello @anthony tabor,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We’re sorry to hear you had troubles on contacting us, and we appreciate your feedback on that matter.

So as we can assist you, please send us a private message to the @Fórum profile with you preferred cellphone contact, and what you are looking for in the services that you wish to contract. 

We’ll help on finding a fitting proposition and forward a contact request to one of our English speaking costumer assistants. 🙂

Thank you