English contacts ast NOS and what can NOS Offer me?

Hello is there a link that offers English speaking help . I am with MEO at the moment and my contract is finishing soon . I am thinking if NOS can offer a better service and speed I have at the moment . I need TV for two or more TVs telephone and internet . My home is in Canhas so will there be an issue of speed
Can you advise what speed I am likely to achieve with internet
Can you advise what channels I can have ?

when we travel from Maderia are we able to switch off and on the service when we require to do so ?

I was a cliente of NOS some years back I still have my boxes and equipment ..Can I still use these boxes to reduce costs ?

Any help would be appreciated

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I dont think there is a link where you can find info in your home-language.
For channels check here: http://www.nos.pt/particulares/televisao/canais/lista-de-canais/Pages/default.aspx#tab2
Can you tell me whats the result checking the coverage here: http://www.nos.pt/particulares/pacotes/todos-os-pacotes/Paginas/Cobertura-NOS.aspx?utm_source=site&utm_medium=menupacotes&utm_campaign=link , post-code xxxx-xxx for your home.
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Hi, @Quovadis, welcome to Fórum NOS.

@rdguerra was a great help. 🙂 To know the answers to your questions, since some are very specific, we suggest that you call us. You can check the available support lines here.