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Please help me with the following question.

During what period of time (30 days, 60 days, 90 days?) my phone number will be automatically deactivated (suspended) in case I decided to stop using your mobile network services?

For example: if I won’t use any of your mobile services for 3 month (SIM will be removed from the phone). Will my phone still be able to work in you network after that period of time?

Another Example: If a tourist buys your local SIM card and use it for a couple of weeks. What will be with that mobile number in a year? Will he be able to use it in a year?

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Alexey Dashkov

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Hi Alex. I think that after a certain period of time without using your number, it is suspended, yes. But I think that that is a question that you may have to ask through their support line. You can call them and ask for someone that understands and speaks english.
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If i were you i would use a diferent provider, they charge a 1,20 € fee every 30 days if the SIM is not used.
The best provider for you would be UZO which uses and belongs to the MEO provider, with UZO the calls cost the same as NOS but they do not charge any fee for not using it, it stays active for 4 months with no use. You can get there sim from any post office in portugal or order from there web site uzo.pt