Activacao de Debito Directo

Bom Dia!

Solicitei a activacao de debito directo atraves da area de cliente.

No entanto, passadas algumas semanas continuo a ver a mensagem "Para sua segurança, estamos a confirmar os dados da conta bancária.".

Como posso ter a certeza de que o debito ira funcionar?

Durante este periodo, nao recebi nenhuma informacao nem via portal da nos.pt nem no online banking do meu banco.

Muito Obrigado!


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@Rikard Zetterberg , You need to check the activation in a Multibanco Terminal about 2/3 days before the invoice  payment day.

Area de Cliente will be update only after a good payment by this way.

@Rikard Zetterberg , i'm not sure about english language in multibanco ATM other than “Please insert your card” ;)

Maybe this might help You...

Steps to check if direct debit is active:
1 - At the ATM (Multibanco Network), insert the debit card and its PIN.
2 - Next, check an option called "Debitos Diretos" and this is what You should load.
3 - In the following screen You can check all direct debit authorizations that are activated in Your account (You can check both the authorization number and creditor entity - NOS Comunicaçoes).

As mentioned before, check it 2 or 3 days before the payment day.


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Welcome to Fórum NOS, @Rikard Zetterberg.

The community already gave an excellent help. :grinning:

@Rikard Zetterberg , did you have submitted / sent to NOS an authorization (mandato) signed by the account holder? Or did you have just entered your account details on the website Area de Cliente?

Yes @Rikard Zetterberg , You should go there and sign the "mandato" that allows your bank to authorize direct debits in Your account.

I have the same problem, did it work out for you?

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the message that is shown in your client area reports that they’re waiting to confirm your bank account data. Here, unless you allow it in the papper you signed for the services contractualization, you need to go in an ATM and give permission for that company to widraw the money of the monthly payment.


You should call your bank and ask if they received any comunication from NOS.

Thank you! Do you know if the Multibanco Terminal is avalible in English language?




I don’t speak Portuges so I have some problems understanding the “Client area” but I managed to setup the “Debito Direto”. However I’ve got this message for more than 3 weeks now:


Para sua segurança, estamos a confirmar os dados da conta bancária.

Para sua segurança, estamos a confirmar os dados da conta bancária. Como pode demorar alguns minutos, sugerimos que volte mais tarde para verificar se o débito direto ficou ativo.


I want to make sure my bills are payed - how can I get help with this?


Kind Regards


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@CarlosN já ligaste para o apoio para saber o que se passa?

Obrigado! I just entered the information into the Area de Cliente. Maybe I should just pop by the nearest NOS-shop and ask them to help me.


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Hi @Rikard Zetterberg,

Please send us a private message with your customer number.