Right to free termination violated by NOS

  • 19 October 2023
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On October 15, 2023 I have purchased a postpaid SIM card and it wasn't clear to me that it would be a 2 year contract with complicated cancellation. Realising my mistake, I phoned customer support (twice) asking to cancel the contract to which they replied (twice) that it would cost me 300 euro to cancel it. Note that I haven't even received the SIM card at that time, and I was (and still am) within 14 days of my right to free termination, granted by the decree-law 24/2014.

Operator on the phone suggested to add the mobile phone to my home internet plan, to which I have agreed verbally, but only because it sounded better than paying a fee of 300 euro. Note that, according to the decree-law 24/2014, I have to formally accept these changes in my plan, which I *did not* do, however it looks like these changes were applied to my plan nevertheless.

I want any changes made to my home internet plan reverted, and the mobile phone contract cancelled without any fee, as is my right according to decree-law 24/2014.

Thank you.


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Hello @vasco1506 , welcome to the NOS forum.

We are sorry for the situation you describe. We will help you.

Please send us a private message to the @Fórum  profile with your customer number, tax number and the mobile number in question.

Thank you