The address on my account is incorrect

I had an account with NOS from 2012-2014 (Fibra) , which was closed when I moved and switched to another company. In April 2017, I subscribed to the Satellite and cellular internet service at a different address. On my factura, it still shows the original address from 2012-2014. When I went to the loja to subscribe, they were given the correct address, and my services are at the address given. How do I have the address on my account corrected?

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Hi, @Johnny Brown! Have you checked in your client area what's the address that you have registered? If you still have the old one, you can change it Entering the service -> "Informação da Conta" -> "Dados de Conta" -> "Alterar morada de faturação". 🙂 On the second page of your invoice you have "Pacotes" and below it says "Local nº...." does it have you current address?
Obrigado! I found the place to change the address. I received a confirmation that the request was received and that I would receive an email when it is done. Under Pacotes the Local nº has the correct Localidad e código postal, but no address. I´ll wait to see if the change is made.