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Hello, in December I purchased a plan for 2 SIM cards that are data only and paid at the end of each month.  In February we had to leave Portugal in a hurry and I closed one account and was able to pay the monthly bill online through the NOS app. For the second on I went to the local shop and they arranged to close the account 2 days after I left. I have returned home and I received a message to pay the balance on the second account. I tried to logon through the NOS app but I can no longer do that because the accounts are closed. When I entire the mobile # I was assigned the response is it doesn’t exist. How do I pay the balance ? 


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Hello there @Larry Biancolin,


Could you gently inform us if you got the customer number and if so share it by sending a private messsage to @Fórum  so they can check it for you.



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Hello @Larry Biancolin Larry Biancolin,
@Jorge C, was a good help.
Please send us a private message with your customer number for the profile @Fórum
Best Ragards,