Cancelling Nos Services

Need to cancel my NOS services, I’ve already moved so I can’t just walk up to a shop and sign the form they have there. If I could, I would have. Is there any way of finding a downloadable version of this form so I can finish this already??

I’ve tried searching for it online but honestly the web page is awful to navigate and my patience is rather limited. 

 If anybody would be so kind so as to just reply with a link, that would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for your help, 



Melhor resposta por Jose Rodrigues 5 November 2020, 21:56

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Good afternoon, I can give you the link to the Complaint Form, but this issue can become more complicated, so the best thing to do is to accept the moderation help of the NOS Forum by sending them your PRIVATE MESSAGE to your NOS customer number to that can analyze the situation and proceed accordingly. Send your data to the @Fórum  profile.  Formulário de Denúncia NOS

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Welcome to Fórum NOS @Alic.Fern

Hi @Jose Rodrigues

@Alic.Fern, Let's help you! We ask you to send us a private message with your NOS customer number to @Fórum, please.

Thank you