Complaint about mistreatment by Maria Monterio, Baixa Chaido office

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my extreme disappointment and utter disgust with the way I was treated by one of your staff members, Maria Monterio, at your Baixa Chaido office. On April Friday 21st 2023, I visited the office to port my SIM card, but instead of receiving assistance, I was met with hostility, indifference, and blatant discrimination.

Ms. Monterio's behavior towards me was nothing short of appalling, and she made it clear that she viewed me as a nuisance, an inconvenience, and an inferior person. She was always on her phone, making me feel like I was interrupting her precious time, and her constant staring and hand gestures were intimidating and threatening. When I asked for her help, she refused and used my lack of fluency in Portuguese as an excuse to deny me service, effectively treating me like a second-class citizen.

Specifically, Ms. Monterio raised her voice, made derogatory comments, displayed a lack of interest. Her behavior was insulting, disrespectful, and completely unprofessional. As a paying customer, I expect to be treated with basic decency and courtesy, regardless of my nationality, ethnicity, or language proficiency.

I demand that you take immediate and decisive action to address this matter, and ensure that such mistreatment does not happen to anyone else in the future. This includes reprimanding Ms. Monterio for her egregious behavior, providing me with a formal apology, and implementing measures to improve the overall training, supervision, and accountability of your staff.

I would like to note that I am a loyal NOS customer and that I have been extremely satisfied with the overall service provided by your company, including internet, TV, and mobile services. However, such an unprofessional and discriminatory employee like Ms. Monterio will only harm the reputation of your brand name negatively.

I expect a prompt and satisfactory response from you, and I will not rest until justice is served. If you require any further information from me, please do not hesitate to contact me.





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Hello, welcome to the Forum NOS, @Shashank Suresh

We apologize for what happened, we do not see ourselves in the type of practice you describe.😥 This is not the experience we want you to have and, therefore, we are going to address this issue internally so that the situation can be verified.

If you have any questions, please contact us here on the Forum. We are here to help.

Best Regards, 

Hi @Mário P.  

Thank you for the reply. We are still shaken by this experience. 😣


Attaching a few screenshots of the complaints raised towards the same employee a few months ago. 

I wont stop until I get a formal apology from Maria Monteiro. 


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I have to inform you that you problem was not bad portuguese, your nationality or ethnicity, your problem was simply being a NOS costumer, a company with very bad costumer support at every single level, from store to the ombudsman.
If you have some masochist kinks you are in the right company 🤣

Hi @Mário P. - Is there an update on this? 

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Hello @Shashank Suresh,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

This matter is being taken care of internally. Therefore there is no further information we can share through this channel.

We thank you again for sharing your feedback with us and helping us to keep improving our costumer service.

Thank you for you understanding

Hello @João H. 

Thank you for the reply and the assurance about this matter. 

May I know what the resolution was? Being the one impacted by this and several others who have voiced out their opinions online, if you cannot share the information in this form, can you please email me? (Please DM me and I shall share my phone number and email ID)

Please understand that this is a very serious matter we are dealing with. 

I cannot stand being treated this way. 

Thank you