Voip with the Nos Router

is your router voip-capable
Can I set this in the router?

Good day,
Please excuse me for writing English instead of Portuguese. I live here and have great respect for your language culture, yet English is easier for me than Portuguese, especially for technical questions.

I have a normal Nos router and would like to connect to this router a VoIP phone with "foreign" access data.

I bought a German telephone number at Sipgate. The phone number I can only use if my computer is turned on. And with a headset.

My plan:
I would like to install a DECT or Voip phone on the router, so I have not always turned on the computer to use the number.

My question:
Can I do that with the "normal" Nos router? And if yes, how does it work?

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You can't use voip on nos. They have an app, nos telefone but you use your own nos home number.
Thx for the fast Reply
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