roaming no connection

I have the package mobilidade 3 with 11.5 gb roaming.

Now I am outside Portugal but I cannot get the connection working. 

Do I have to activate something?

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Is there  sombody from NOS to give an answer?

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Hello, You have already selected the network from where you are?

I just took the router with the sim-card in it.

Do I have to select an other network?

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When you try to access an error message appears? try setting up apn again

Now I have got a connection, but it is very slow.

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Hello, have you reset the hotspot yet? You still have a hard time?

Yes I did. But on the router I can't select a provider network.

On my mobile it connects to the KPN network, which is quit fast/.

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@JAN HENDRIK BARENDREGT, in order to be able to help, we ask that you send a message with your NOS customer number through the @Fórum.

Thank You 

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Unfortunately it’s necessary appear a message in the browser confirming that you are in roaming and you need to click on the button and restart the connection.
It's stupid, but it’s NOS mobile operator.

When we get stuck and that message doesn’t show up, we’re x@x@x.
Restart the connection and just try browsing to see if that page appears. Don’t use another software like facebook, messenger, instagram. Only chrome/firefox/ie at first.

That’s my experience. Try

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Olá @DanielS,

Agradecemos a sua sugestão e obrigada por partilhar com a comunidade a sua experiência. :relaxed:

Estamos disponíveis para qualquer questão adicional.