Cancel following family emergency from overseas

  • 13 October 2022
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I would like urgent help as it’s been 2 months of calling expensive lines and being told 3 completely different sets of information by the official NOS customer support team.


2 months ago I had to return to my country due to a family emergency and unfortunately I have not been back since, leading to the sad decision that I must leave Portugal and relocate after many years. I have not touched my Portuguese mobile account or internet (and I never did watch the NOS channels anyway) so I am basically being direct debited for huge bills each month. When Id signed up I had been told that if I did end up relocating (for whatever reason, as I knew there was an illness in the close family) that I could provide evidence of relocation, That’s why I signed up with NOS.

Knowing that I know have to relocate permanently I have been told by various NOS service staff that I cannot cancel the contract for another 2 years and that if I do I would be heavily penalised. However another staff member told me I could cancel if I can send them a work contract for my new residence (even Im looking after a sick relative… but I digress). This was before I was cut off and had to call again and start explaining all over again to a new person who told me a completely different story.


Please can someone tell me what to do as it is mighty stressful dealing with these life events and also an seeming inability to get solid information, losing copious amount of money in the meantime

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Hello @PoppyZo,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We’ll assist you in this matter.

Please send us a private message to the @Fórum profile with your NOS Costumer Number.

Thank you