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I want to purchase two new iphone one 11 pro and 2nd 12 pro. Is this possible on my current contract.

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Good morning, do you mean installment purchases? You need to know what your package is and meet according to the necessary conditions: Purchase available to NOS customers for at least 6 months, with a package of one or more services, direct debit to account and active electronic invoice. • It is limited to the existing stock and two benefit plans per customer. • The client cannot be or have been a debtor to NOS of any amount past due in the last 6 months, or be part of an ongoing Debt Payment Agreement. • The purchase is subject to NOS approval, payment of the equipment's entrance fee and an administrative cost of € 20.00. • It is not possible to anticipate payment of installments in progress. More information here: https://www.nos.pt/particulares/pacotes/pacotes-com-telemovel/Paginas/smartphones-a-precos-unicos.aspx   

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@Jose Rodrigues gave a good help.

If you have any other question, we’re still available to help.

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