Terminate contract home internet / stay on mobile

How do I get through to support? 

I signed a contract for the Internet and phone. Within a day it became clear that the Internet was not working. Within a week I called support and asked for help. No help was provided.

Then I called to cancel the contract. Manager on the phone began to threaten that I would have to pay 480Euros for early termination. I asked him to do something that would at least work, he said he would call back and send a technician. 

During the entire time of communication with the support all conversations over the phone with support ended with, that we are unable to help, and we know that at your address does not work internet, but we will call you back. Yes, I was confirmed on the phone that there was a problem at my address. No one has ever called me back. 

At the same time I can not access my contract from my personal account. I will be calling support again. 

While I've been trying to get in touch with any help, I'm already forced to get internet from another company. I will continue to call support on Monday to get the equipment, because the chances that someone will come and help - it seems to me - no. 

Just do not understand why I still have to pay for this 480Euro? Why can’t just terminate contract after 24 hours, when I sign it? 

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Good evening @Dmitry A you can send a personal message to @Fórum provide your client number and ask for their help.

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Hello @Dmitry A,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We’re sorry to ear about this situation. Please let us assist.

As suggested by @atcrs please send us a private message to the @Fórum with your NOS Costumer Number.

Thank you 

There has been some progress in relations with the NOS. I will write my memoirs.

After my attempts to contact NOS, every manager answered that he did not speak English and that another manager who spoke English would call me back. I don't remember, but I made five or seven such requests. I got as many as 0 calls back 😂


Then I was lucky once, and still one manager spoke English and accepted my request to pick up the equipment. I see the date in my personal account, tomorrow is March 2.
Since I have been trying to contact NOS for almost 3 weeks, my address has long changed. 

Tomorrow, apparently, the NOS employee will go to pick up the equipment from the non-existent address 😔. Maybe at least then we will be able to contact technician.


This, of course, is both funny and sad. If I had a choice, I'd rather break the contract and not see NOS and not spend so much time trying to connect. Of course the main problem, the lack of back support email from NOS. There are some buttons in my personal account that work only sometimes. Phone support is completely useless.

The most interesting thing is that the Internet does not work and lies in the box. I hope it won't be a long story and I won't have to pay a huge bill for not working internet in a box. 


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Hello @Dmitry A,

We appreciate you reaching out to us and sharing your feedback with the community.

We’ve received you private message and are following up on this issue. 

We’ll reply to your private message as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding

Thank you João! 

Almost another week passed. NOS is gone again. It is not clear what to do? 

The tariff has not changed, I have the equipment. No one responds to inquiries. 

How long after the NOS will respond if I do not pay the bill? 

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Hello @Dmitry A,

We apologize for the situation.

We’re following up on this issue and will reply to your private message as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding



And so, the first results: 

We were given an NOS contract with the wrong address, non-functioning internet, and non-existent sim cards. I think it's a jackpot 😂


  1. 1. When we signed a contract with the NOS - we got our address mixed up. Now I understand that this was done intentionally, because our address does not work the Internet, but in order to sell us the contract, they wrote a different address. This was the first lie.
  2. 2. We were given a modem with 4G, and told that if we want more speed, it is enough to buy a modem with 5G (it cost about 320€). But in fact it turned out that the SIM card was limited to 4G and buying a modem would have been a waste of money. The second lie.
  3. 3. this non-compliance we were able to detect 10 hours after the contract, but now we were told by the support that we know that the Internet at your address does not work, and we can not do anything. But to break the contract will be a 480€ fine . Or rather, we will send you a technician and he will put an antenna or something. Of course, no technician came. 
  4. 4. [Resolved] SIM cards that we were sold with the contract did not work, in fact the phone-numbers in the personal account was different. That is, our sim cards had nothing to do with the NOS contract at all, which were provided to us at NOS. 
  5. 5. To correct the situation is difficult enough. Unfortunately, technical support does not speak English. Of course this is not their problem, but it makes it impossible to solve the problem.
  6. 6. [Unresolved] I came to the NOS to change the address, which was originally created for me incorrectly. And the manager at the NOS told me that he could not change it, because our address is already listed on another contract. I still requested that he change the address, as my address is not any other contract. Manager began to enter the data and it turned out that the system does not have such an address. That is, the first phrase "that there is another work contract at my address" was a lie. He just didn't want to make the change. He just didn't want to do his job. 

[Resolved] One day we got a call from a tech support manager, and offered to change the tariff with the preservation of SIM cards only, and to give up the inoperable Internet. In fact, it was a savior. Such a simple solution, suits everyone, us and the NOS. I don't understand why it couldn't have been done right away. Others had to threaten with fines, and impose on us unnecessary services that do not work. In general, thank you adequate person, that just took off one of our problems.


Of course I see an interesting feature, when you contact support by phone, unfortunately, they do not speak English and no question can be solved. The fact that they do not speak English is not their problem. It's my problem that unfortunately I don't speak Portuguese very much.

But I have to go all the way, because the contract does not allow me to terminate the relationship.

The only option is to visit the office. The bad thing is that the employees are uninterested in resolving the issue. I have to go several times just to resolve the issue.

As a result, it has been almost a month, more than 10 visits to the NOS office, and we were finally able to make the first call with our NOS sim card!!!!! Yay, it's a success! Worst support in the world! Having an NOS contract and not being able to use it. But now it works!!!!! Yeah!!! 



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Hello @Dmitry A,

We’re happy to ear that your able to use the service. 

Thank you for your feedback regarding this matter. We appreciate the community’s feedback so we can improve.

Than you very much 

Dear Sir, 

I am the Sunil Ghimire, user of internet mobile KANAGURU 30 GB dated on 09-02-2023 at the baixa chiado Loja. At that time, the staff of the loja told me this internet sim card have not any fidelizacao, terms and conditions as well as I can cancel the service whenever i want without any compensation. i have that time proof of printed documents also. now , i want to canceel the contract but they said that system have fidelizacao till 14-03-2024. i already went baixa chiado loja 2 times , they said someone will call me about the canceelation of the contract and asked me to talked with them but still i am confused that WHEN I START THE SERVICE WITHOUT FIDELIZACAO AND AFTER ONE MONTH HOW IS IT POSSIBLE WITHOUT MY SIGN AND PRESENCE CAN PUT THE FIDELIZACAO 12 MONTHS. PLEASE WHERE AND HOW CAN I GET THE CLEAN AND CLEAR INFORMATION AND SOLUTION OF THIS PROBLEM REGARDS PLEASE.



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Hello @Sunil Ghimire

Thank you for reaching out to us. We’re sorry to hear about this situation. Let us help analyzing this matter.

Please send us a private message to the @Fórum profile with  both your NOS Costumer Numbers.

Thank you  

I still have not been able to change the contact address in the NOS, I do not understand how to do it.

Initially, the wrong address was written by NOS staff to sell the contract. I don't understand why make a knowingly false address. 

Now, the staff at the NOS office won't change it.

The other NOS office does not accept, because they say that the first 6 months must be served in the office where you bought the contract.